The Chief Restructuring Officer's Guide to Bankruptcy: Views from Leading Insolvency Professionals


If you were just appointed Chief Restructuring Officer of a distressed company, what would you need to know? The Chief Restructuring Officer's Guide to Bankruptcy is a detailed, step-by-step procedural guide for leading a troubled company through the restructuring process and delves into the issues that frequently confront the distressed company—and the CRO—during that process. It will help CROs—or anyone in a company leadership role who is thrust into a restructuring situation—navigate the complicated issues that can arise from day one, leaving them better equipped to determine if, or when, bankruptcy is the best option. The book then takes CROs through the bankruptcy planning process, focusing on the procedures they must follow from the onset of the case and the inherent legal issues that can arise, including bankruptcy reporting requirements, the risks and rewards that may be available to the debtor via litigation, the proper way to conduct a 363 sale, and how to formulate and implement a plan of reorganization. The Chief Restructuring Officer's Guide to Bankruptcy imparts the CRO with the necessary know-how to direct a distressed company through reorganization to arrive at the optimal outcome for the company, its creditors and its employees. Written by some of today's leading insolvency professionals, this book is a must-read for those about to take the reins of a restructuring company.